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Warning: Due to the contents of this page, it should NOT be viewed by anyone without a sense of humor!

Below is a serious communications problem that we are working on; however, we have NOT been able to find a suitable solution at this time.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

R. E. SMITH has obtained distribution rights for Ohio and everything east of the Mississippi River for the "Mega-Gate." This gate is awsome! The gate on the left is a "baby gate" from an unknown manufacturer. Get a man's gate here. Fast up, fast down, leaks a little oil. Call today.

Take a look under the "HOOD." Control your parking with the Mega-gate!

This "Anti-Tank" gate is revenue safe. If they don't pay they don't get out!

We have also obtained distribution rights for Donna's NASCAR collection.

How the Ethernet Works!

Don't Have a Cow Man!

Yes we have communications spiders.

Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you!

This is the mouse (below) that my daughter made for me last year (when she was 41).

She claims to be a published scientist - you decide.

This is NOT my daughter; however, she acts a lot like her!

This is my second favorite daughter when she was sweet and innocent - right.

This is what happened to my daughter after she started riding a motor bike. Guess what ID stands for.

This is my Daughter's favorite band. (We are not sure; but, we think the theme song was written for her.)

Superstar: Mary Katherine Gallagher and a tree.

More cows and a few Aliens.

Oh my God! Only 330 shopping day left until Robin's birthday.

The "Woot'lawn" forces enter the battle as Halloween approaches.

"in the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, 'make us your slaves, but feed us.'" - Dostovsky
(we is they, "We have meet the enemy and he is us!" - Pogo)

A man without a God is like a fish without a bicycle.

"Ideology and morality are the two chief causes of human suffering." Paraphrase - Dr. Tim

"Some people want to achieve immortality through their works or their decendants. I prefer to achieve immortality by not dying." Woody Allen

They live happiest who have forgiven most.

1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233.... on the road to the golden ratio.

....belief is the death of intelligence....when dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases. Robert Anton Wilson

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