IRSFRQ Quad Isolated RS485 Repeater

General Description:
The IRSFRQ is a quad, 1500VDC opto-isolated RS485-RS485 repeater (up to 115.2K bps) which features automatic data direction control to avoid data collisions common in half-duplex RS485 systems. The unit can be used to form very large RS485 networks in both single-master and multi-master systems. By cascading multiple units, networks of virtually any topology can be constructed. On-board bias, termination, transient protection and communications fuses are standard. High-efficiency switching regulator allows for 9-35VDC operation. Board size is 5.25" x 9.75".
IRSFRQ.pdf Quad Repeater schematic
IRSFRQBR.pdf Baud Rate and Jumpers
IRSFRNET.pdf Typical Large RS485 network
IRSFRQDB.pdf Additional information
IRSFRQ22.pdf Using the IRSFRQ as an
Isolated RS422 Repeater

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