The RS422 Converter

General Description:

The RS422 is an rs232 to rs422 Communications Converter Board

The RS422 communications conversion board will operate at fixed Baud rates from 300 to 115.2k and at distances of up to 4000 feet. Model RS422 will convert RS-232 full duplex signals into RS- 422 or TTL/CMOS 4 wire systems. Data rates in excess of 1 million bits per second are posible using the TTL/CMOS port driving the RS- 422 port. Jumper selectable termination and signal polarity is provided on each board for versatility in communicating between systems. Use with model DPT for signal transient protection. RJ- 11/12 connection is provided, with provisions for a common ground and shielding. Power the model RS422 from any +5VDC @ 200 mA source or any 9V AC/DC @ 200 mA wall transformer.

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