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RS422S : Full-duplex RS232 to RS422 interface converter for 4-wire, full-duplex communications


RS422S with Box

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"Let me spin a very large
RS485 network for you!"

  • RS232 to RS422 interface converter for 4-wire, full-duplex communications at distances up to 4000 ft. and data rates up to 115.2Kbps.

General Description:

The RS422S is a fast Async bi-directional RS232 to RS422 interface converter that will operate at data rates up to 115.2Kbps. The unit has jumpers termination, RS232 DTE/DCE selection and, TTL/CMOS operation. The unit has two RJ11/12 connectors an a pin header for power, common TTL/CMOS TX data and RX data.

The RS422S is designed for office and/or indoor applications (non-isolated). A pair of units and a 6-conductor reversing "telephone style" cable can be used to form an RS232 "extension cord" for extended operation beyond the RS232 specification.

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Related Files:

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Converter schematic Rev B

Physical Properties and Features:

RS232: 3-wire interface to RJ11/12 Connector (TX, RX, Common)
RS422: RJ11/12 connector (TX pair, and RX pair)
Power: 2.1mm center positive "Barrel" connector (9VDC)), linear regulator
LEDs None
Bias: Light bias network for Receiver
Termination: 120 Ohm (jumper selectable)
Special: Pin header for TTL/CMOS operation
Protection: None


Distance: RS422 up to 4000 ft. (1250 meters)
Operation: Full-duplex
Format: Asynchronous with any combination of bits, parity and stop
Speed: Up to 115.2Kbps
Temperarure:   0-65C (32-150F) ambient
Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
Voltage: 8-12VDC or 5VDC
Power: Under 1/2 Watt (typical) + external load
Size: 2.50" X 2.00" X 0.9" (PC Board)
Mounting: 4-Holes 2.00" X 1.50" (built-in standoffs for #6 hardware)

Options and Ordering Information:

RS422S: $39.00 ea. (Circuit board only)
Enclosure: $8.00 ea. (Small)
Cable: $7.50 ea. (RS232, 7 ft., Specify DB9F-7 or DB25F-7)
Supply: $8.50 ea. (12VDC @ 200/300 mA wall power supply)

*RS422S with all options (DB9F cable): RS422S-B9FPS @ $63.00 ea. (Qty. 1-9)

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