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RS232HUB: Non-Isolated Full Duplex Repeater/Concentrator


RS232HUB with Box

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"Let me spin a very large
RS485 network for you!"

  • This RS232 unit features bi-directional serial communications from the Master Port to the 3 independent Distribution Ports. Units can be cascaded to increase the number of Distribution Ports. 

  • As a repeater, data received into the Master Port is simultaneously transmitted out all Distribution Ports. Typical application is distributing data to displays, signs, cameras, and lighting controllers.

  • As a concentrator, data received into any of the distribution ports is transmitted out the Master Port. Typical application is collecting data from key pads, alarm points, and intrusion sensors.

  • As a concentrator, data collisions can occur if data is received simultaneously into the distribution ports. Devices which minimize this problem, will typically transmit data infrequently and in a short burst.

  • Transparent to all asynchronous data, with any combination of data, parity, and stop bits at data rates up to 115.2Kbps.  

  • Edge mounted LED Indicators for power and data activity.

  • A polarity protected efficient switching power regulator accepts supply voltages from 9 to 35 VDC(0.5 Watts max.) 

  • Jumpers allow all ports to be configured as DTE or DCE. 

  • User connections are RJ45 telephone style connectors for the Master Port and Distribution Port A. RJ11/12 connectors are employed for Distribution Ports B and C. Power is connected to the board using a 3 pin screw terminal strip and a 2.1 mm barrel connector.

  • Broad environmental range. Temperature: -40C to +85C(-40F to +185F). Humidity: 10 to 90% RH(non-condensing)

  • Four(4) easy mount through hole standoffs, which accept #6 hardware, are provided on the circuit board.

  • Accessories available are a 12VDC Switching Power Supply(Wall Wart), an enclosure, a 7ft DB9F-7 to RJ11/12 RS232 cable, and a 7ft DB9F-7 to RJ45 cable.

  • We strongly recommend that a first time user of this product purchase the optional cables.

  • The limitations of the RS232 communications method can be solved by the wide variety of R E Smith devices. Our converters, buffers, isolated converters, and addressable converters mitigate the distance limitations and electrical noise problems that contribute to unreliable communications and product failure.

  • Conformal Coating, other cables, and other connectors are factory options. If what you see here is not exactly what you need, don't hesitate in calling us at (513) 874-4796.

General Description:

This device provides the unique ability to communicate to multiple RS232 devices without requiring an individual serial port for each device on the controller or computer. The EIA/TIA Specification RS232 ports are individually driven from buffers and not merely parallel wired. As a collector or data concentrator, the possibility of data collisions, that render the received data unusable, must be considered. In many applications the data being sent is a short burst minimizing this possibility. This is typical in a small to medium sized keypad based access control system. There are many schemes to overcome the collision problem. Among these are addressable target devices which only respond to their unique address, and random response times to a broadcasted transmit command.

Need something special? Please contact us. We have additional isolated and non-isolated converters, repeaters, and repeater hubs. Units are generally stock to 2-3 business days for shipment. We design and manufacturer our entire product line, and offer technical support for our units, and can offer system recommendations for your application. Please give us a call: 513-874-4796

Related Files:

pdf icon MHUBX8manual.pdf Multi-repeater manual
pdf icon RS232HUB.pdf Multi-repeater schematic & physical

Physical Properties and Features:

Additional information coming soon!


Additional information coming soon!

Options and Ordering Information:

RS232HUB $149.00 ea. (Circuit board only)

Additional information coming soon!

Need a different configuration or more information? Give Ron a Call at 513-874-4796 or 513-638-0228(Cell)


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