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The products you will find on this page have been replaced by newer ones; however, they are still available at the prices indicated (original price). We do not routinely stock these items any longer and advanced ordering is recommended.
Model Price Description
RS232 $29.00 Low-cost Converter (TTL/CMOS to RS232)
RS422 $29.00 Low-cost Converter (RS232 to RS422)
RSCOM $49.00 Flexible Converter (RS232, TTL/CMOS, RS485, RS422).
OBSO. $59.00 "One-Shot" Microprocessor Automatic Converter (RS232 to RS485)
RSFC $79.00 Microprocessor Automatic Converter (RS232 to RS485)
USN88RC $149.00 RS485/RS232 Digital I/O Board w/Relays
RSFR2 $149.00 Opto-Isolated, high-speed, Repeater/Converter.
ASN88RC $169.00 RS485/RS232 High-Speed Digital I/O Board with 12-TTL Inputs, 8-O.D. Digital Outputs,4-TTL Outputs, WAGO Terminals and RS232/RS485 Serial Port. Can be used in stand-alone mode as TTL "extension cord."
RSFRQ $195.00 Quad Non-Isolated "Automatic Data-Direction Control" Converter/Repeater
USN1616L $279.00 RS485/RS232 Digital I/O Board
IRSFRQ $345.00 Quad 1500VDC Opto-Isolated, high-speed Repeater.

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