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IRSFC24XT: Opto/Xformer Isolated Async RS232 to RS485 fast
automatic converter with switching regulator and transient protection


IRSFC24XT with Box


"Let me spin a very large
RS485 network for you!"

  • Note: This product has been replaced by the enhanced model IHV24AT.

  • Fast auto TX-enable RS232 to RS485 interface converter for 2-wire, half-duplex communications, in point-to-point or multi-drop communications networks, at distances up to 4000 ft. and data rates up to 115.2Kbps.

  • Galvanic (Opto/Xformer) Isolation helps eliminate noise, and protects equipment from destructive transients found in industrial applications.

General Description:

The IRSFC24XT is an isolated, automatic converter that enables an RS-232 port to send and receive RS485 data. Five LED indicators show the system status and quickly identify the source of problems without requiring additional diagnostic equipment. Two versions are available that are designed for either Master-Slave or Bi-directional communications. The Master-Slave version is designed to monitor communications that originate at the Master-RS232 side of the interface. A response is expected back from an RS485 Slave device within a "reasonable" period of time (approximately 50uSec. To 20Sec.). The Bi-directional version simply displays the TX and RX functions independently without timing out. The IRSFC24T has many features and abilities that will solve problems, save time and aggravation in designing, installing, and maintaining and RS485 link or network. The converter introduces no communications delays and does not depend on any communications protocol. Baud rates, parity, number of data bits, check sums, timing, handshaking, and control characters do not affect the converter's automatic operation. See manual for further information.

The IRSFC24XT is a fast Async bi-directional RS232 to RS485 interface converter for 2-wire, half-duplex applications, with an automatic TX enable circuit, that will operate at data rates up to 115.2Kbps. The unit has jumpers for bias, termination, and RS232 DTE/DCE selection. The unit has five LED indicators, an RS485 removable screw terminal strip, an RJ11/12 RS485 connectors, and uses a limited slew rate transceivers. Galvanic isolation between the RS232 and RS485 helps to eliminate a wide variety of problems encountered in industrial and/or real world applications.

The IRSFC24XT is designed for office and/or industrial applications, and provides superior characteristics/features normally found only on more expensive units. The IRSFC24H can be used in outdoor applications; however, many factors can affect reliable operations. Please call for additional information and/or peruse our Fiber Optic product line (compatible with our "copper" converters).

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pdf icon IRSF24XTrevA.pdf Converter schematic/physical Rev A
pdf icon IRSFC24XT Manual.pdf Operating Manual

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