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RS485HUB: 4-Port RS485 Repeater/HUB with RS232 Port


RS485HUB in Box

RS485HUB Label

"Let me spin a very large
RS485 network for you!"


General Description:

The RS485HUB-Rev B is a 4-port automatic RS485 repeater/hub (non-isolated) with an RS232 port. The unit can be used to expand RS485 serial communications networks by increasing the maximum distance and/or number of nodes on a network. Larger networks can be implemented by cascading units. This repeater is a true port-to-port repeater (any data received at one port is transmitted to the remaining ports). Each port has its own LED indicators, termination jumper and an RXEN (receive enable) jumper. Bias is fixed with 620 Ohms of pull-up and pull-down resistance to hold the data lines in a known state when the data lines are inactive. The built in RS232 port allows easy connection to a PC. Each RS485 port on the RS485HUB hub will support up to 32 full-load RS485 devices. The SP485EEP transceiver IC, employed on the RS485HUB, can communicate at speeds of 5Mbps+, however, the SP232EEP (RS232) IC is only rated to 115.2Kbps and, RS485 is limited to 115.2Kbps@4000ft. The unit has built-in current limit resistors on each RS485 port that provides excellent transient protection. The operating temperature range is -40C to +85C, and 10%-90% relative humidity (non-condensing). Unit has an on-board switching regulator and will operate from 9-35VDC. Optional enclosure, 12VDC-SPS "wall wort" power supply, and RS232 cables, are available.

Need something special? Please contact us. We have additional isolated and non-isolated converters, repeaters, and repeater hubs, as well as fiber optic products. Units are generally stock to 2-3 business days for shipment. We design and manufacturer our entire product line, and offer technical support for our units, and can offer system help and recommendations for your application.

To talk to the design engineer, Ron Smith, please call 513-638-0228 cell or 321-632-3652 in FL. Rev A units are no longer being produced; however, if you need drawings or technical support for Rev A or B units please call Ron. To place or check on an order please call our Cincinnati Office: 513-874-4796 (Teresa)

Related Files:

pdf icon RS485HUBrevB.pdf Multi-repeater schematic
pdf icon RS485HCDrevB.pdf Schematic and physical
pdf icon RS485HUBQDRevB.pdf Quick data and information

Physical Properties and Features:

4-Port RS485 RS485, Half Duplex, Non-Isolated "TRUE" Repeater Hub, 115.2Kbps@4000ft, and 1-RS232 Port, PCB Size 4.10"x3.75"(Medium)


Vin=9-35Vdc, -40 to 85C Operating Temperature Range, 10-90% Relative humidity (non-condensing), Under 1W Power

Options and Ordering Information:

RS485HUB $149.00 ea. (Circuit board only)
Enclosure-M $10.00ea. (Optional Plastic Box)
DB9F-7 $7.50ea. (Optional RS232 Cable)
12VDC-SPS $8.50ea. (Optional Power Supply, 2.1mm)
RS485HUB-B9FSPS $175.00ea. (Unit with all Options)


Need a different configuration or more information? Give Ron a Call at 513-874-4796 or 513-638-0228(Cell)

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